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At Tip Top Jar, we're redefining the act of tipping for a digital age, centered on human connection.

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Meet Tip Top Jar

Location: New York City

Date: June 11, 2020

In the early days of COVID-19, as New York City cautiously began to reopen, I found myself having dinner at my local pizzeria. Amidst plexiglass dividers and masks, I witnessed a touching moment of genuine human connection.

A young man, patiently waiting at the counter for what seemed like ages, passed a cash tip through the plexiglass to an arriving worker who accepted it with heartfelt thanks. This act, despite the physical barrier, underscored the importance of human connection and appreciation at a time when we all felt a bit isolated.

This moment made me wonder: How can we preserve such genuine and appreciative connections in our increasingly digital world? Determined to answer this, I gathered a team of expert developers, researchers, and designers. Together, we created Tip Top Jar to modernize tipping, ensuring heartfelt gratitude online and offline.

Tip Top Jar serves a wide range of users, from restaurants to tour guides, accepting various currencies and payment methods like Apple Pay, Venmo, and PayPal. Our aim has always been to ensure an enjoyable tipping experience for all, with equitable tip distribution for individuals or teams.

Today, Tip Top Jar is a leading tipping platform that empowers businesses and individuals with end-to-end tipping solutions. My team, rooted in New York and still sneaking visits to our cherished local pizzeria, is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Join us now to start collecting tips online!

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