Whatever your tipping needs, we've got you covered

Standard tip jar

Step into a world where tipping meets innovation. Seamlessly collect tips through personalized QR codes and links

Ideal for musicians, artists, creators, performers, and other individuals or small groups

Tipper data

Business tip jar

Welcome to the future of collaborative tipping. Effortlessly create multiple tip jars, add team members, and distribute tips

Ideal for restaurants, salons, hotels, and other businesses or expansive groups

Tipper data

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Create single tip jar

Ideal for individuals or small groups like musicians, artists, creators, and more.

Create multiple tip jars

Perfect for businesses, hospitality workers, online communities, and more.

Add team members to tip jars

Easily collaborate by inviting team members to your tip jars

Distribute tips equally or individually

Customize tip distribution, whether it be a shared pool or individual tips

Accept 20+ payment methods

Get tipped via Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card, PayPal, and more

Immediate payouts to your bank account or PayPal

Receive tip earnings right away, hassle-free

Unique QR codes and tipping link

Effortlessly receive tips with QR codes and a personalized tipping link

Full control of your tips and tipper data

Take charge of your earnings and data, always

Access end-to-end tip management tools

Simplify and streamline your tipping management

Fully compliant with tipping laws

We're committed to compliance for your peace of mind

No annoying paywalls, contracts, or confusing tiers

Receive 100% of your tips. Tip Top Jar is completely free to you


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