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Start an online tip jar

Tip Top Jar is the perfect cashless solution for musicians, artists, and creators. Get started in one, two, three!


Create your tip page today

It takes 2 minutes to setup a clean and personalized tip jar.

Thank yourself later


Share link with supporters

Get tipped via all major credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, & more.

We make tipping fun


Get paid and view tip data

Instantly receive tips via direct bank deposit or PayPal.

No annoying delays

✓ Unlimited tips  ✓ 2 min sign up  ✓ Free to use

We're on a mission to revolutionize tipping

Receive 100% of your tips. Tip Top Jar is completely free to you and we do not believe in paywalls, contracts, or confusing tiers.

Fast. Easy. Fun.

Tippers simply visit your tip url or scan the personalized QR code we provide you with.

Accept tips in a variety of currencies via credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and more.

Our patent-pending tipping flow has the highest tipping conversion rate.

Tip Top Jar tipping flow

Powered by patent-pending technology

Social tipping

We've learned that tippers are more likely to tip if they can see others have also tipped.

Tippers also value recognition, which is why we allow them to personalize their tips.

When a tippers sends a tip, they can write an optional tip note and attach a GIF.

Social proof

When others have already tipped, tippers are more likely to follow suit.


Personalization boosts tips. Tippers tip higher if they can share their name.

Dig into tip data

Manage your tips from anywhere with our convenient dashboard.

You can also use the dashboard to thank your tippers and show appreciation.

All tipper data is owned by you and can be securely downloaded anytime.

Tipper data

✓ Unlimited tips  ✓ 2 min sign up  ✓ Free to use

Benefits you'll love

Cash is so 2019

Allow supporters to easily tip via credit card, including Apple Pay, Venmo, and PayPal, in various currencies.

Get tipped while you sleep

Life is busy enough. Let the tips flow in without having to constantly post or update your profile.

Your tips are yours

All tipper data is owned by only you. Securely download your payment and tipper data whenever you want.

Speak their language

We support Spanish, French, German, and more, ensuring your tippers feel right at home.

Receive tips instantly

No lengthy payouts or annoying bank delays. Just immediate payouts to your bank account or PayPal.

Elevate your tipping game

Standard tip jar

Create single tip page

Accept 20+ payment types

Immediate tip payouts

Unique QR codes and tip link

Full tip management suite

For individuals or groups requiring a single tip jar


Business tip jar

Same benefits as Standard

Create multiple tip pages

Add team members

Distribute tip payouts

For business's with multiple tip jars & member management

Compare tip jars

Hear from the Tip Top Jar community

The future of tipping is here! Let our users show you a glimpse of it.

Ready to give your supporters an easy way to say thanks?

✓ Unlimited tips  ✓ 2 min sign up  ✓ Free to use

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