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Sharing your tipping QR code is a key step in maximizing your earnings and creating a seamless tipping experience for your supporters. In this blog post, we will explore various creative ways to display your QR code, from traditional methods like posters and table placements to digital options like live streams. By using these techniques, you can effortlessly connect with your audience and make tipping a fun and interactive experience. Let's dive in!


Grab attention everywhere! Posters are a classic way to display your tipping QR code. Place them in strategic locations such as concert venues, art galleries, or even community bulletin boards. Design an eye-catching poster with your QR code prominently featured, along with a brief message encouraging support.

Here are some examples of engaging poster design on Pinterest.

Table Placements

Enhance the dining experience! If you're a restaurant or café owner, leverage table placements to showcase your tipping QR code. Create attractive table tents or coasters that include your QR code, making it easy for patrons to scan and show their appreciation.

Here are some examples of stylish table placement designs on Pinterest.

Signs and Banners

Catch attention in public spaces! Capture the attention of passersby by displaying your QR code on signs or banners. Ideal for street performers, artists, or vendors, these signs can be placed near your performance area or booth. Include a clear call-to-action and a catchy slogan to entice people to tip.

Here are some examples of attention-grabbing sign designs on Pinterest.

Image Integration

Connect digitally! Incorporating your QR code into images can be an effective way to engage your online audience. You can overlay your QR code on images you share on social media, in newsletters, or on your website. Direct your followers to scan the code and support your work.

Here are some example images with an integrated QR code.

Live Streams

Boost interactivity! For creators engaged in live streaming, displaying your QR code during broadcasts can encourage viewers to tip in real-time. Use on-screen overlays or dedicate a portion of your stream layout to showcase your QR code. Remind your audience to scan and support your content.

Remember to provide clear instructions on how to scan the QR code, including mentioning compatible payment methods like credit cards, Apple Pay, or PayPal.

Easily connect with your audience by utilizing various methods to display your tipping QR code. Explore options like posters, table placements, signs, image integration, or live streams to find what suits your context best. Engage your supporters, increase your earnings, and let your creativity shine! Share your QR code to express gratitude for your art, music, or content, while providing a seamless way for your audience to support you. Let the QR code serve as the bridge that connects you with your supporters and unlocks a world of tipping possibilities!

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